Hello and welcome to my website. Here’s some information about me and my illustrious career.

I began drawing at the age of three, about the time I discovered my opposable thumbs. I decided to become an illustrator/cartoonist at the tender age of six,  after my sister informed that Bugs Bunny was not a sentient being, but simply a piece of paper. I’ve been trying to breathe life into pieces of paper ever since.

I’ve been a professional illustrator for 40 plus years now, that’s a lot of paper, someone should name a landfill after me!

Over these years I’ve worked for a wide variety of clients in advertising, animation and children’s publishing. Clients include Proctor and Gamble, Cincinnati Magazine, Queen city Metro, Carus Publications and Highlights for Children and many more. I’ve drawn everything from panty liners to crustacean rock bands, some of these works are showcased here. I’m currently seeking new clients, so if you have a project that my style of art would suit please contact me.

Several of the images on this site are available for purchase in print form. Currently these are 8.5″ x 11″ inkjet prints on  matte presentation paper, please note that these are not archival prints and colors may fade over time. I’m looking into ways to provide giclee prints in the future. I also do custom pet portraits, prices vary depending on the project.

To contact me for projects, email rfullerc633@gmail.com

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